Designed for Ventilation requirement in a variety of model from architectural and industrial purpose, serve a certain need and requirement within the air movement and control industry.

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Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation is the process of supplying and removing air through an indoor space without using mechanical systems. It refers to the flow of external air to an indoor space.

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Solar Shadings

Solar Shading System notably reduces the thermal transmittance of a building, while giving the building an aesthetic appearance. The shades intercept the rays before they arrive at the transparent.

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Acoustic systems

Special products designed for Sound Reduction proposed required for Industrial purpose. Whether it is for Generator Rooms, Plants Rooms and other mechanical rooms .

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The roof need to be frequently access due to the presence of various roof equipment on the roof such; AHU (Air Handing Units), ventilation equipment and others, for maintenance purpose.

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Ridge Ventilator

Streamline Ridge Ventilator is designed to provide natural ventilation in building where nominal ventilation rates are required through solar gain, light engineering processes or general warehousing.

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M/s KRUEGER-USA (internationally known & approved products like VAV/CAV Boxes, Griles and Diffusers...etc. with ARI/ASHRAE Standards)

M/s POTTORF - USA (UL listed Fire/smoke Dampers, Curtain fire and Heavy Duty Dampers)

M/s BERNER - USA (Internationally known for their Air Curtains like light duty, Industrial / commercial Grade Air Curtains...etc.)

M/s DYNASONIC - USA (Sound Attenuators like Rectangular, Square, Round Silencer and Acoustic Enclosures).

M/s TUTCO - USA (Known for Various types of Duct Heaters).