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Vent Line has made a significant contribution in the building industries, providing a highly engineered product that is essential in having an ambient atmosphere plus the supplementary aesthetics in building envelop. We offer a reliable range of fire and smoke ventilation, natural ventilation, and sound reduction equipment which are tested complied with international standards.

What Vent Line can do for you?

The company VENT LINE is a specialist in smoke/natural ventilation and industrial acoustics, providing the total solution for domestic, commercial & industrial sectors. Our commitment is to provide quality products and services, microscopically engineered products and tested to comply with international standards. We are bound to support our clients with design, production, installation, and timely delivery. The capability to provide turnkey products as prescribed by the clients is one of the strong arsenals of the company..

Quality Assurance

Vent Line is committed to producing smoke ventilation and acoustic product that are unmatched in quality, design, and workmanship. Our products are fabricated to consistently high-quality standards and materials to ensure complete end-user satisfaction. As part of our commitment to producing a quality product, we are continuously improving the system that has achieved ISO 9001 certification


Life-saving equipment designed to exhaust fume and smoke inside the premise in a fire scenario.

It is the process of naturally supplying and removing air from an inside space without the assistance of a fan or other mechanical device. It provides ventilation and space cooling by using outdoor airflow induced by pressure and temperature differences between the building and its surroundings.

Heavy-duty sand trap, conventional sand trap, rain-resistant louver, stormproof, district cooling, and acoustical louvers; whichever of these louvers, its purpose is to modulate the quality of air and use of natural energy.

Any related access required to reach the area which requires maintenance and inspections. -Fire-rated, acoustic, and with thermal performance coupled with fall protection accessories like ladder-up posts, railings, and grab bars.

Noise treatment for industrial purposes using sound attenuation, acoustics louvers, and acoustical panels. The system is designed to reduce noise pollution and promote a pleasant ambiance.

From panel to hangar door or to any type of access doors whether manually or electrical operation.

Terminal supply and extract air and transition devices for indoor or outdoor installation, airflow control elements and systems, and high-efficiency unit filtering devices.


The production line is equipped with efficient CNC machinery operated by highly trained personnel and closely monitored by quality assurance to maintain accuracy and quality products.


Our mission is to provide quality products and excellent services at a competitive price. We continuously strive to provide the best optimum design to achieve an energy-efficient environment. A highly motivated and dedicated team of professionals aiming to provide personalized care to all clients.


We have a complete in-house engineering and design team for solid works and engineering analysis using the latest version of computer-aided software (AutoCAD & BIM).