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Noise control in and around the buildings and other establishments is to be treated to provide an ambient environment. Vent Line provides a complete acoustic solution to ensure that the atmosphere of the surroundings is pacified. We have borne in our awareness during the design stage that people vary widely in their sensitivity to noise. The noise limits had to be determined to suit circumstances with respect to the physical characteristics of sound and cannot be distinguished between pleasant and unpleasant sounds.


Acoustic Sound Attenuators

Acoustic Sound Attenuators are used to control medium and high frequencies. Its mode of operation is using acoustic absorption using different materials.

Acoustic Doors

It is suitable for plant rooms, generator rooms, auditoriums, and other buildings that require sound reduction. Doors to meet test criteria of BS 5821: part 1 for width SRI (Sound Reduction Index) rating RW of 35 dB Noise Reduction.

Acoustic Panels

It is designed to improve the sound from reflecting off walls and ceilings, whereas sound absorbers absorb the sound waves as they travel within a room.

Acoustic Enclosure

The purpose of noise control is to ensure that all parameters are taken into consideration to ensure that people in the surroundings are neither harmed nor disturbed. The source of the noise should be enclosed to eliminate noise break-out using acoustically lined wall and roof systems.

Acoustic Louvers

It is designed to provide the dual function of weather protection and airborne sound reduction applicable for industrial and commercial purposes. The sound ratings are based on sound transmission standards ASTM E90-04 and ASTM E413-04.